What if the macOS dock could appear around our cursor when we need it?

Easily launch and switch between macOS apps while staying focused on your work. Orbital lets you manage your Mac apps with an orbiting dock that appears next to your work, on command.

Supports macOS 12+ (Sonoma, Ventura and Monterey)

Out of the box migration

Automatically syncs with your pinned apps and folders already configured on your system dock.

Supports multiple monitors

Orbital always launches on your cursor and snaps to the edge of a screen when your cursor is between two monitors.

Small footprint

Sits in your macOS status bar and launches at login. Orbital perform like a system-app, and supports both Apple silicon and Intel.


Easily configure your dock's activation key and if pinned files/apps should be displayed. Running indcators can also be customized.

De-clutter your screen

Hide your system dock and leverage Orbital to manage apps and enjoy the extra screen space.

Buy once, yours forever

Orbital is a one-time purchase with free updates for the lifetime of the app. It's also DRM free.

Refund Policy:

If you're not happy with Orbital, let us know within 7 days at and we'll issue a refund.