What if the macOS dock could appear around our cursor when we need it?

Easily launch and switch between macOS apps while staying focused on your work. Orbital lets you manage your Mac apps with an orbiting dock that appears next to your work, on command.

Supports macOS 12+ (Monterey and Ventura)

How do I use Orbital?

Once the app is installed and open, Orbital will allow you to press ⌥X to toggle a dock around your cursor. This keybind can be changed in the Preferences by clicking on the Orbital icon in your status bar menu. If more than 8 items are in the dock, they will be separated into pages that can be advanced by scrolling.

How do I change what is on the dock?

Orbital mirrors what is pinned to your system dock. Depending on your preferences Orbital will show both apps and folders, only apps, only folders or no items from your system dock. If you want to add or remove apps or folders from the Orbital dock, just pin or remove them from the system dock. It will also show any currently running apps.

How can I re-download the app?

If you are using the same device & browser you originally made your purchase with, you should be able to download directly using the download button above. Otherwise you can re-download Orbital from the original link in your email, or you can go to and create/sign-in with the email you made your purchase with.

What versions of macOS are supported?

Orbital offically supports macOS 12+ with either Apple or Intel silicon. We hope to offer macOS 11 support soon once we can fully test it.

Can I use Orbital on multiple Macs?

Orbital is DRM free so you can use it on as many personal devices as you need.

Why does Orbital ask for permission to "read files" when enabling pinned folders?

In order to allow pinned files and folders to be opened in Finder or by the app, macOS requires that we have this permission for Documents, Downloads & Desktop. But don't worry Orbital never actually reads any data, it just opens the file. And if you don't plan on using this option no permissions are needed.

I'm having an issue, how do I get in touch?

Feel free to reach out to

Refund Policy:

If you're not happy with Orbital, let us know within 7 days at and we'll issue a refund.